Drinking Water
You Can Always Trust

Multipure Water Filters

Ensure the highest quality
drinking water for you
and your family

Pure: Multipure's Solid Block Activated
Carbon technology effectively reduces harmful
contaminants found in tap water and well water.

Delicious: Taste and odor-causing contaminants are removed,
leaving only the refreshing, natural taste of pure water.
Convenient and Always Available: A separate water faucet
delivers filtered water, as you need it, for drinking and cooking. 
Maintenance typically requires replacing a single filter cartridge
about once a year.
Environmentally Friendly: Multipure water filters use no
electricity (like distillation), waste no water (like reverse osmosis),
and use no disposable plastic bottles or require trucking from the
bottling plant to the store (like bottled water) 
Inexpensive: Multpure-filtered water is much less expensive than
bottled water and water treated by reverse osmosis or distillation. 
Certified: Multipure filters are certified by NSF International to
effectively reduce specified drinking water contaminates.

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