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In the end, it is all about the quality of your water.

Without good, safe water no amount of energizing, alkalizing, or clustering will be of any benefit.

Many companies that produce enhanced water products either purify the bottled water they sell or include some type of water treatment process in the enhancement device.

That is all well and good, but because these are specialty products, the cost is FAR HIGHER than using tap water, standard home water treatment devices, or even regular bottled water. 

NSF International certifies water treatment devices.Check the NSF International certification listings for any water enhancement (or standard treatment) devices you might consider purchasing.  NSF certifies that water treatment products and bottled water actually perform as advertised.  You will find that most enhanced water products are not NSF certified, while those that are certified typically have a very short list of contaminants they are certified to remove.  There are NO certification processes available for any enhanced water claims.
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If you have concerns about the quality your tap water, you can treat your own water with NSF certified products for a fraction of the cost of the proprietary enhanced water devices of unknown quality and for hundreds to thousands of times less than the enhanced bottled water products on the market.

Although Water Mandalas do not purify water, they are equally effective as the commercial products at energizing and structuring, tap water, water you treat yourself, and even very heavily contaminated water like coffee, orange juice, beer, or even milk shakes.

 Pure Water Hype 

Pure water, as promoted by companies that sell "ultra-
pure" bottled water or companies that claim their
treatment devices produce "super pure" water, is just
a marketing scheme to extract more money from
your wallet.

What is important is that your water is safe, in other words, free of HARMFUL biological or chemical contaminants.  Probably more than half of the water you take into your body during the day is not "pure".   In fact it is often very heavily contaminated with a huge variety of minerals, salts, and organic substances (think of tea, wine, milk, yogurt, or even chicken soup).  Drinking a few glasses of ultra-pure water (which will become contaminated with saliva and bacteria the instant it hits your mouth) will make absolutely no difference in how the water is absorbed or utilized by your body throughout the day.

Effective, low cost home water treatment systems include:

> Solid Block Activated Carbon Filtration (SBAC) - the most cost effective, low maintenance water treatment systems available.  SBAC Filters effectively reduce the most common, harmful contaminants found in municipal water and many wells for under $0.10 a gallon (that's about one cent for a 16oz. bottle of water). Water is filtered as you use it, so you do not have to wait for a storage tank to fill.
- Avoid Granular Activated Carbon Filters -

Save on the most effective SBAC filter here.

> Reverse Osmosis (RO) - effective at reducing heavy metals but will need a carbon filter for effective reduction of organic contaminants. RO treats water for about $0.15 - $0.20 cents a gallon and requires moderate maintenance. The filtration process is slow, and RO wastes 2 - 4 gallons for every gallon filtered.

> Distillation - the most effective, slowest, and most expensive ($0.30/gallon or more) water treatment method. Moderate maintenance is required, and the distillation process is slow.  Most contaminants are removed by a good distillation system providing a very pure water.  There are a lot claims on the Internet about the health effects of distilled water. Despite claims made by manufacturers, distributors, and many health sites, there is no reliable evidence that very pure distilled water is any better for your health than water that is free of harmful contaminants and produced by Solid Block Activated Carbon filtration or RO.  There is also little to no reliable evidence that drinking distilled water is harmful to health, as often claimed by those selling filtration devices.

> Ultra Violet disinfection - in situations where your source water is biologically unsafe you may wish to add an ultra violet system to one of the above treatment methods.  Ultra violet light only kills pathogens, it does not remove chemical contaminants.

> Bottled Water - this alternative is included in the discussion, NOT because it is typically a good substitute for the treatment methods discussed above, but to bring awareness to the fact that for regular daily use, bottled water is an extremely expensive and environmentally damaging source of water.  Bottled water costs hundreds of times more than filtered water, requires resources to manufacture and distribute, and it can sit in plastic bottles for months before use.  Over one forth of the bottled water sold is just tap water that has been processed by the above methods and bottled.

You can have good quality water available to drink throughout the day that has the same health benefits as bottled water which might have been shipped half-way around the world.  Invest in a good home water treatment system and reusable water bottles, and you can save hundreds of dollars a year and enjoy great quality water all the time.

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Download a Free Water Mandala, treat a glass of water, and enjoy the most refreshing, healthy beverage on earth!



* These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or  prevent
   any disease.
If your condition worsens contact your doctor.

** Water Mandalas do not purify or disinfect water, so only use water or beverages that are known to be free of  harmful contaminants.
   Some companies use standard water treatment process to purify or disinfect the water before the special treatments are applied.
   A Water Mandala does NOT duplicate the results or effects of any standard water treatment processes. Water Mandalas will ONLY duplicate the
   effects and benefits of the special water enhancement claims that are made. You can easily and inexpensively treat your own water.