Instructions for Use

The Water Mandala is simple to use.The Water Mandala is very simple to use.

Place your glass of water** or other beverage on your Water Mandala for 30 to 60 seconds.

 Use those few moments, while the photonic and vibrational energy from the Mandala is interacting with the water, to just relax.  Take some deep breaths, and reflect on characteristics of the Mandala you selected. If you entered a word or phrase, think about its special meaning, and you might listen to a selection of music that brings you peace - research shows that music is able to reduce anxiety and stress.  Briefly shut out ordinary cares and worries and focus on positive thoughts and mental images.  This will enable the energy in the Mandala Water to act more effectively.

Water Mandalas are equally effective on other beverages in other containers like a bottle of wine.An exciting difference between the Water Mandala and all other enhanced water products on the market is that it works equally effectively on the water molecules in a single glass of water and on the water molecules in a container of any beverage that contains water.  For example, you can place a pitcher of cranberry juice on the Mandala and treat it for use during the day, or you can treat a bottle of wine to further enhance a marvelous dinner and romantic evening.

Each time you drink the Mandala Water (or other Mandala Beverage) you prepared, take the opportunity to again quiet your mind, release tensions of the day, and focus on positive thoughts that will help transport the molecules of Mandala Water to every cell of your body.

H2Om Interactive Water (Think it while you Drink it ®) makes some interesting claims about how their bottled water is, "Infused with the power of positive energy through words, music, colors, symbols and your own personal interaction."  You "connect to the intention inspiring words on the label, create your own intention, and literally, 'Drink in' the vibration inspired intentions you've created."  This product echoes the functionality of the FREE Water Mandalas. with four significant differences:
  1. H2Om is packaged in environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles.
  2. H2Om water costs $10 per gallon (100 times more than filtered Mandala Water and 1,000 times more than Mandala Tap Water)
  3. Claims are made that music is played to the H20m water (and similar products) to increase its effectiveness.  It is true that music can heal the body and soul, and you can play music to your Mandala Water with the same results.  However, music is intended to be listened to, interacted with, and appreciated directly—with your ears.  Transmitting music through water can only dilute its power.  Treated water can not transmit the beauty and power of music directly to your consciousness where it will be most effective.  Compare a drink of H2Om water in silence with a drink of Mandala Water while listening to a Beethoven symphony (or your special piece of music).  Which experience is more powerful, moving, and fulfilling?
  4. H2Om (and all other enhanced water products for that matter) are NOT advertized to work on other packaged beverages like milk, wine and beer, while the Water Mandala works equally effectively on these other beverages.

Remarkably, since the body averages about 70% water, you can carry a Water Mandala near your body, and throughout the day (or night) the positive energy will have the same effects on your body’s intercellular and intracellular water molecules that it has on a glass of water or other beverage placed directly on the Water Mandala.  These Mandalas will, in fact, produce health effects that are indistinguishable from the expensive magnetic treatment products on the market.

Download a Free Water Mandala, treat a glass of water, and enjoy the most refreshing, healthy beverage on earth!


 ** Claims on this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or
    prevent any disease.  If your condition worsens contact your doctor.

 ** Water Mandalas do not purify or disinfect water, so only use water or beverages that are known to be free of  harmful contaminants.
    Some companies use standard water treatment process to purify or disinfect the water before the special treatments are applied.
    A Water Mandala does NOT duplicate the results or effects of any standard water treatment processes. Water Mandalas will ONLY duplicate
    the effects and benefits of the special water enhancement claims that are made. You can easily and inexpensively treat your own water.