Select Your Water Mandala

Check the water enhancement method(s) you would like for your Mandala to duplicate.  
The downloaded image will contain the selected energy signatures. **

clustered water
energized water
structured water
magnetized water
photonic water activation
vibrationally charged water
interactive (Enter a special word or phrase)
vortex water
ionized water
alkaline water
oxygenated water
hydrogenated water
M-Activation Technology™
homeopathic processes (enter the product name) ^

You are the critical element in the process of creating your Water Mandala.  The energy signatures from your input will be transferred to the Mandala image you download and from the Mandala to the water you energize.  Check the characteristics above that match the enhanced water product you are currently using or are thinking about using.  You can also enter a word or phrase that has a special meaning to you and/or the name of a homeopathic product you are using with a potency of 5X or higher.  Messages of intention are encoded within the mandala so the visible symmetry or pattern is not affected.

When you treat water or other beverage with your Water Mandala, relax for a few minutes, take some deep breaths, and reflect on the characteristics you selected and the word or phrase you entered and its special meaning.  Briefly shutting out ordinary cares and worries of the world and focusing on something positive that is meaningful to you will allow the  Mandala Water energy to work more effectively.  Full instructions here.

Click on the image type below the mandala image you wish to experience, then save and print the image or pdf file.

To avoid confusion and entaglements, select and focus on only one mandala.

JPG Image           PDF File

JPG Image          PDF File

JPG Image          PDF File

JPG Image          PDF File

JPG Image           PDF File  

Homeopathic Mandala   JPG    PDF

Do NOT use Water Mandalas as a substitute for any medical treatment you might be on.

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    Claims on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 

^ These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have any medical condition (physical or     psychological), check with your medical provider before beginning or changing any treatment process.

** Water Mandalas do not purify or disinfect water, so only use water or beverages that are known to be free of harmful contaminants.   Some companies use standard water treatment process to purify or disinfect the water before the special treatments are applied.    A Water Mandala does NOT duplicate the results or effects of any standard water treatment processes.    Water Mandalas will ONLY duplicate the effects and benefits of the special water enhancement claims that are made.