About the Water Mandala

The Water Mandala is the culmination of years of research to discover a simple, inexpensive system that will duplicate the molecular structure, energy patterns, and health benefits of water promoted by the manufacturers and distributors of water enhancement processes and devices. They claim drinking their products will enhance the properties of water and provide greater health benefits than drinking regular water. The mission of Water Mandala, LLC is to provide an equally effective, low cost alternative to the costly commercial products.

The result of the research, development, and testing described below is the Water Mandala, a product that is simple, effective, and inexpensive to produce. For a limited time Water Mandalas will be distributed for free and benefit those who can not afford (or choose not to purchase) the high-priced commercial enhanced water products on the market.

The first challenge in developing the Water Mandala was to carefully examine the different enhanced water products on the market and find common patterns in the health claims made by those who invent, manufacture, market, and sell the water. There are about 18 benefit categories that cover most of the health claims that are made: *

increased hydration
better overall health
decreased stress levels
a more positive attitude
greater energy and vitality
enhanced oxygen delivery
fewer negative emotions
normalized body pH
pain reduction
increased antioxidant activity
deeper more relaxed sleep
detoxification of the body
memory enhancement
greater strength
boosted metabolism
heightened endurance
a stronger immune system
protection against early aging

There is obvious overlap among the categories: for example increased hydration (a claim frequently attributed to smaller water cluster size) is said to result in better cellular detoxification, greater energy, and better overall health. Boosted metabolism can certainly result in greater strength and heightened endurance. These categories can also be extended to include related benefits: a more positive attitude, for example, can lead to greater joy, enthusiasm, love, and other positive characteristics in your life.

A key revelation in the development of the Water Mandala came with the realization that all of the individual and specific benefits listed by manufactures and sellers of the enhanced water products were a result of marketing efforts on the part of companies trying to differentiate their product from others on the market that had essentially the same effect on health. All the specific claims were simply a manifestation of better overall mental and physical health. Thus, it would only be necessary to create a process that produced water with properties that benefited the entire body.

The next step was to identify the primary enhancement categories of products produced by processes commonly used by the commercial enhanced water producers. Although there are hundreds of subtle variations in technique and terminology (sometimes the same term is used to describe both the process and the resulting product) they could all be classified into 14 categories:

clustered water
energized water
structured water
magnetized water
photonic water activation
vibrationally charged water
interactive water with intention

vortex water
ionized water
alkaline water
oxygenated water
hydrogenated water
M-Activation Technology™
select homeopathic processes

To complicate matters, many of the processes described on the product promotions claimed to produce water with several of the above characteristics.  It is frequently claimed, for example, that Alkaline water not only has a high pH but also has a reduced cluster size of six H2O molecules instead of the normal twelve.

All identified water enhancement descriptions, though, were eventually found to involve just two primary transformation claims; altering the molecular structure of water (decreasing cluster size for example) and/or energizing the water using a variety of techniques like adding oxygen, electrolysis, shaking/stirring, or exposure to electromagnetic radiation.  Alkaline water is a special case because it is not pure water - small amounts of a strong base are added to create the alkalinity.

Enjoy the benefits of Alkaline Water without adding Sodium Hydroxide:
A detail most alkaline water producers do not mention is that the alkalinity is usually produced by adding Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) or other strong base to the water - either directly or by electrolyzing water that contains some salt. Sodium Hydroxide is used around the home as a drain cleaner (effectively dissolving hair and grease from pipes) or sometimes as a paint stripper. Obviously the amount of Sodium Hydroxide in alkaline water is very small - so small in fact that the alkalinity is completely neutralized as soon as it is mixed into any acidic beverage or as soon as it reaches the very acidic contents of your stomach. That is fortunate, because any significant increase in the pH of your stomach would negatively affect your ability to digest food.  Furthermore, if some of the claims were true and alkaline water was able to change the pH of your blood or intercellular fluids, that would have very serious negative health consequences. Fortunately your body normally regulates pH automatically, and you do not have to worry about trying to adjust it by periodically drinking some sodium hydroxide.

Mandala Water will produce exactly the same type of water clusters and health benefits as Alkaline Water - without the expense and without contaminating your drinking water with Sodium Hydroxide.

The quest then began to find a simple, effective method to produce the same molecular structure and energy patterns in water as produced by the enhanced water products on the market - and thus produce the same health benefits. Images were a natural choice: they can be very beautiful, rich in symbolism, radiate electromagnetic energy at many frequencies, and can transmit vibrational energy. Properties of the selected types of images might be of interest and are described in some detail below.

The Circle: Ultimately images based on the circle were selected as the primary channels to convey positive energy and intention to the water. The circle is arguably the simplest and most symmetric pattern known. In cultures throughout the world and throughout the ages, images based on circular symmetry have been used to represent the whole of creation from atomic to cosmic levels (the infinitely small to the infinitely large). The circle has been used as a symbol to represent the cycle of life, infinity (which has no beginning or end), lasting love, perfection, the constantly changing seasons, and/or the interconnections among all elements of the creation.

The circle is an object of nature, an idealization of pure mathematics, and a symbol or framework we use to understand and describe our world. The circle exists independently of human thought, as ripples in a pond, or the appearance of the sun and moon, or the shape of the iris of an eye. In mathematics, we choose to define a circle as the places at a constant distance from a center, usually in two dimensions. In this article, we look back at world history and the varied uses of the circle: literal and literary, physical and poetical, mathematical, metaphorical and mystical.
(The Circle: Paradox and Paradigm. Reza Sarhangi & Bruce D. Martin)

The Mandala: Although Mandala patterns originated in imagery of the the Buddhist tradition (e.g. the Wheel of Life), the word originally referred to "...a collection of mantras or verse hymns chanted in Vedic ceremonies... The universe was believed to originate from these hymns, whose sacred sounds contained the genetic patterns of beings and things... The word mandala itself is derived from the root "manda", which means essence, to which the suffix "la", meaning container, has been added. Thus, one obvious connotation of mandala is that it is a container of essence." (The Mandala - Sacred Geometry and Art)

The word Mandala is now commonly used to describe symmetric images based on repeating patterns and circles within circles. It was discovered that these characteristics—images richer and more complex than a simple circle yet echoing the circle's elemental simplicity—provide the underlying framework that transmits photonic and vibrational energy to water molecules.

From the spiritual to the secular to the technological the Mandala has come full-circle. Originally used in ancient sacred texts describing the creation of the universe and later in the stained glass windows radiating sacred imagery into some of the most beautiful cathedrals, Mandala images can today be found embedded in one of the newest tools in the ongoing scientific quest to understand the universe (and perhaps reveal the God Particle), the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).
Given the intrinsic beauty of the Mandala, its rich history and sacred symbolism, the use of Mandala Patterns as instruments of healing and self-awareness development, and its ability to transmit energy, the Mandala was a perfect instrument to reproduce enhanced water characteristics.

Koch Snowflake

Images that incorporate elements of Fractals and the Fibonacci series were also found effectively transmit energy to water molecules and replicate the effects of commercial enhanced water products. These images, however, are not always as circular or symmetrical as a traditional Mandala.

 Fractals are shapes that display "self-similarity" - that is they can be split into parts, each of which is a reduced (similar) copy of the original. The Koch Snowflake to the left is a fractal that displays perfect self-similarity and symmetry as the pattern (construct an equilateral triangle on the middle third of a line segment and then remove the middle segment) repeats to infinity.

The Fibonacci series (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144...) is created by adding the previous two numbers in the series together).  This series gives rise to the Golden Rectangle (rectangles with side lengths equal to two adjacent numbers in the Fibonacci series), the  Golden Ratio or Phi ~1.6180339887... (values obtained by dividing the larger of adjacent numbers in the Fibonacci series by the smaller number converge on Phi), and the Golden Spiral (formed by drawing quarter circles tangent in each Golden Rectangle as shown).  Patterns that incorporate the Fibonacci series and its derivatives are common in nature, architecture, and art. 

Fibonacci series

Homeopathic Treatments::
Mandalas designed to duplicate the effects of homeopathic products may have characteristics that appear chaotic and asymmetric. This is in keeping with the underlying principle of homeopathy, the Law of Similars or "like cures like". In practice, to treat a specific set of symptoms, homeopathic products typically employ a very, very dilute solution of substances that are believed to actually cause the symptoms in higher concentrations. Through a process of serial dilutions and successions (shaking), the original harmful substances are thought to alter the characteristics of the final diluted solution so it has a beneficial effect on the body.

In a similar manner, most Homeopathic Mandalas use fractal images to 'treat' the water. The "self-similarity" of fractals resonates with the Homeopathic "Law of Similars" and enables fractal images to produce a structure and energy in the water that duplicates the characteristics and benefits of the homeopathic product to stimulate a corresponding symmetry and wholeness in the body. The potency of Homeopathic Mandalas can be increased by longer exposure to the water in the same way the potency of homeopathic solutions is increased by additional serial dilutions and successions. In the same manner that a single selected homeopathic remedy is taken regardless of how many symptoms are experienced, the Water Mandala you download will be "potentiated" by the description you enter to have the same health effects and benefits as the homeopathic solution. You can test this claim yourself.

Homeopathic solutions can contain significant amounts of alcohol. Conventional drugs for adults can contain no more than 10 percent alcohol, and the amount is even less for children's medications. But some homeopathic products contain much higher amounts because the FDA has exempted these products from the alcohol limit rules.  Water Mandalas require NO alcohol to be as effective as homeopathic products.

Finally, a proprietary process was invented to create and energize the Water Mandalas and related images on this site. Extensive research showed that the photonic and vibrational energy radiating from specially designed and intentionally charged Mandala Images and related patterns can interact with water molecules, both in vitro and in situ, to produce molecular structures and energy characteristics that are indistinguishable from those in water produced by all popular water enhancement processes.

The resulting Water Mandala patterns are not only beautiful, they are just as effective as the commercial enhanced water products, and for an introductory period they can be freely download, printed, and used to enhance your water to the same level as the expensive products that would cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. ** 

You may be skeptical that a free Water Mandala will have the same effects on your body as the expensive commercial enhanced water products.  However, you can test this claim yourself against a product you may be currently using, against any of the enhanced water products listed on this site, or against products widely available on the Internet or in health food markets for which similar claims are made.

In 2008 a new discovery enabled the Mandalas to be further energized with custom words or phrases. Before you download a Mandala you can input a word or phrase that has a special, personal meaning. The energy signature of the letters and the intent with which the word or phrase was entered will become an integral part of your Mandala. As you drink the Mandala Water, relax a moment and recall the word or phrase you entered – you will experience an extra dimension to the water’s benefits.

Enjoy the benefits of Mandala Water on any beverage :
As an additional benefit, you can use the Water Mandala on any beverage that contains water, for example; coffee tea, wine, fruit juice, beer, smoothies, etc.**  This is a particularly important feature if you currently use alkaline water. When alkaline water is added to any beverage the carefully adjusted pH that is advertised is instantly destroyed by the native pH of the juice, tea, coffee, milk, etc. you mix it with. The beneficial effects of Mandala Water, however, do not depend on the pH of the beverage.

Download a Free Water Mandala
Treat a glass of water, and enjoy the most refreshing, healthy beverage on earth!

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* These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or
   prevent any disease.  If your condition worsens contact your doctor.

** Water Mandalas do not purify or disinfect water, so only use water or beverages that are known to be free of  harmful contaminants.
   Some companies use standard water treatment process to purify or disinfect the water before the special treatments are applied.
   A Water Mandala does NOT duplicate the results or effects of any standard water treatment processes. Water Mandalas will ONLY duplicate
   the effects and benefits of the special water enhancement claims that are made. You can easily and inexpensively treat your own water.