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Zunami Clustered Water (bottled water & concentrate)
Cost: $8.00 to $10.00 per gallon (shipping included)
Processes: Zunami is highly purified water that has been raised to a high level of electromagnetic power through a proprietary process.  It is designed to restructure water into hexagonally organized bio-molecular clusters, providing better intracellular water exchange (hydration at a cellular level).  There are no preservatives or additives used in this process.
Claims: The result is a refreshing and great tasting product that can: Increase Cellular Hydration, Enhance Nutrition and Oxygen Delivery, Restore Cellular Detoxification Functions, Improve Cellular Electrical Properties.
Zunami customers have reported, An increase in energy level, Softer smoother skin, Improvements in digestion, Weight loss, Greater mental clarity, Stress levels decrease, Sleep improvement, Greater endurance, Absolutely great taste.


H2Om water with intention (bottled water)
Cost: $11 per gallon + shipping
Processes: H2Om water with intention is the world’s first interactive natural spring water.  Infused with the power of positive energy through words, music, colors, symbols and your own personal interaction.  Oxygenated for purity and maximum hydration.  As an added bonus, once our water is in the bottle, we play a restorative compositions of music, frequencies, and spoken word to the water.
Claims: What is Water with Intention? Each bottle of H2Om promotes positive thinking, and positive energy for people and the planet. Our trademark slogan "Think it while you Drink it"® inspires you to use the words on the positive themed label as the driving force in creating your intention. H2Om Water Hydrates More Effectively, Promotes Nutrient Absorption, Improves Metabolic Efficiency. Although this product is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, we do believe in the power of intention and that anything is possible.


Aquamantra: Premium Natural Spring Water (bottled water)
Cost: $11 per gallon + shipping
Processes: Aquamantra was inspired by a 2004 film, “What the Bleep Do We Know?!” This Movie discussed the underlying quantum mechanics of our world. It showed how reality is changed with every thought. Dr. Masaru Emoto, who was featured in the film, wrote a book called “Hidden Messages in Water,” he showed us the basic principles of quantum theory, whereby the molecular structure of water was changed by a Zen Buddhist monk’s thought. Aquamantra uses the design on its labels to affect the molecular structure of California natural spring water to make it more refreshing and wholesome to drink.
Claims: Our purpose in creating this water is to Raise Consciousness in Humanity One Sip at a Time. So... Drink yourself into being Healthy, Loved or Lucky with every conscious sip. Say I AM GRATEFUL and well up with the vibrational feeling of gratitude.


Nikken PiMag Water (PiMag water filters and PiMag water optimizer)
Cost: Under counter filter - $824 ($94 replacement cartridges) ||  PiMag™ Optimizer II - $499 (does not purify water)
Processes: PiMag Water Filters - PiMag™ water also offers more {than standard water filtration}. Decades ago, scientists discovered that the water in a remote area of Japan produced amazing results on the surrounding plants. They named it pi water. Nikken has succeeded in replicating the environment that created pi water in nature, and these discoveries are incorporated in PiMag products. You will taste and feel the difference!
The Nikken PiMag Optimizer II uses the same forces as those found in nature - magnetic energy, water agitation, pi technology - to produce water that is optimized, ideal for any use. A revolving pair of 4,400-gauss magnets produces a complex magnetic field – a cocoon of magnetism. The pi ring inside the pitcher exposes the water to natural minerals and coral calcium as the rotor creates a vortex (cyclone) pattern, adding oxygen.
PiMag Aqua Pour™ filter - The final stage filtration consists of a bed of mineral stones, like the stones that provide natural filtering and minerals in streams and rivers. Nikken Magnetic Technology completes the process, as the water passes through a charged field.
• Check the NSF International listings to see which contaminants Nikken products are certified to reduce.
Claims: PiMag water also offers more {than standard filtration}.  Decades ago, scientists discovered that the water in a remote area of Japan produced amazing results on the surrounding plants. They named it pi water. Nikken has succeeded in replicating the environment that created pi water in nature, and these discoveries are incorporated in PiMag products. You will taste and feel the difference!  Specific benefits of the PiMag technology are not well spelled out on the company's current literature.
• Pi ceramic material - Reproduces conditions for creating pi water.
• Magnetic technology - Adds the magnetic component to reduce clusters and mineral clumping.


Penta Ultra-Purified Water (bottled water)
Cost:  regular price $16 pr gallon - recently on sale for only $11.22 per gallon (shipping included)
Processes: The antioxidant and hydration properties of Penta are due to its state of the art ultra-purification and patented process that spins the water under high pressure and speed for 11 hours. This unique process energizes the water and it is believed that this added energy results in the antioxidant activity to neutralize Free Radicals.
Claims: Penta Water is ultra-pure, energized water that may help increase antioxidant activity in your body, making it an easy, refreshing way to stay fully hydrated and to naturally boost antioxidant protection. During the last decade, Drinking Penta is one of those pro-active choices that helps ensure you are properly hydrated and improves the odds of getting the antioxidant protection you need.  Penta Water may protect skin from the effects of aging and potentially from the effects of sun exposure. The Penta Water Company has received numerous reports from consumers regarding the positive effects of drinking Penta. These various comments include references to feelings of more energy, a greater sense of well-being, and even improved appearance of skin.


M-Activation Technology™ (Primordial M-Water, Core Water, Core Necta and H2ORMU  Concentrates)
Cost:  Each of these products represents about a 30-day supply of concentrate.

Primordial M Water™ (16.9 fluid ounces per bottle) $39.00 Core M-Water (16.9 oz.) $100.00
Core Nectar™ (2 oz. glass bottle with dropper) $150.00 H2ORMU (16.9 oz.) $150.00
Processes: The M-Power Aqua Technology® duplicates the natural motion of water and vibrational input found in the environment under ideal conditions. With this technology, a state of super coherence is created in terms of water motion and vibration such that more perfect than perfect Living Water is created. This super perfection is based on the level and quality of vibrational load and the level of stored energy contained within the micro structure of water molecules that are super organized with the M-Power Aqua Technology.
Claims: Reverse Chronic Dehydration Increased Energy Less Pain Reverse Cellular Aging, Discharge Longstanding Cellular Toxins, Normalized Body pH, Balanced Blood Sugar, Stronger Immune System, Healthier Heart, Heightened Endurance and Strength, Deeper Sleep, Weight Normalization, Clearer Mind and Better Memory, Less Negative Emotions and Thoughts, A Feeling of Ease in the Midst of Every Day Life, & Much, Much More!!!
The site recommends an interesting set of tests to compare M-Activated water with "ordinary" water.  Compare these tests with those suggested on this site, and you will notice that there is no mention of blinding the tests to reduce potential bias.
This is a truly remarkable company - it markets not just one type of enhanced water (M-Water) but a Quantum Health Water as well.  In David Wheeler's own words, "After years of research I have invented a health water product that is created with a quantum physics method. My Quantum Aqua Technology™ involves the latest principles of quantum computing by which desired information is structured from the level of quantum units (electrons, photons and quarks) into the atomic and molecular level of discreet structure in order to dramatically change its structure and function."


Dr. H. Hayashi's Original Hydrogen Rich Water Sticks (hydrogen producing stick)
Cost: $79.95 per stick (replace after 6 months)
Processes: Source water enters through micro-porous holes on the hydrogen producing mineral stick and makes contact with magnesium and far infared energy emitting bio-ceramic bio-energetic minerals and natural electrolysis-water splitting and/or molecular dissociation occurs where active hydrogen is activated and becomes dominate over oxidation; therefore any dirt, debris, sediment, particulates and turbidity etc. TDS is reduced, clarified and scavenged by active hydrogen.
Read More Here
Claims: Reported health, beauty & vitality benefits: Detoxifies your entire body, Builds younger looking skin, Helps heal ulcers and sores, Provides stronger & thicker hair, Aids in reducing blood pressure, Slows free radical body damage, Aids in lowering cholesterol levels, Helps the body flush heavy metals, Aids in absorption of supplements, Improvement of allergies & asthma, Aids in increasing blood circulation, Aids in lowering saturated fat levels, Stabilizes health & supports healing, Improvement of peripheral circulation, Aids in reducing cellulite and wrinkles, Improves memory in aged individuals, Hydrates you six times more than ordinary water, Supports proper pH by reducing acidic conditions, Improvement of chronic constipation & diarrhea, Improvement of blood glucose & hba1c levels in diabetes mellitus.


  Water Ionizers:   Jupiter water ionizers ($595 - $2,645) ||  Kangen Water ($1,280 - $5,980) ||  Life Ionizers ($1,197 - $2,497)
  Alkaline Additives:     pHion pH Booster ($1.00/gallon) ||  Alkalife® Alkaline Concentrate ($29.95 for two months)
Processes:  Ionized Water, Antioxidant Water, Microclustered Water, Live Water, Alkaline Water, Living Water, Energized Water, Structured Water, and Microwater are different names of the water produced by Water Ionizers.
To produce alkaline water the source water is contaminated with a strong base (usually sodium hydroxide, NaOH, which is used to clean clogged drains).  This is accomplished by using either an electrolysis device or by adding the base directly to the water.  It is well documented by science that the small amount of alkalinity contributed by the Sodium Hydroxide in these products has no impact on the body's pH level or on health - at least none that can't be duplicated by a standard antacid. Any health benefits that are experienced are due entirely to other characteristics of water.
Claims: There are three main benefits claimed for Ionized or alkaline Water.
• First, it is a powerful antioxidant. Since Ionized Water is a liquid, it is easily absorbed which makes it a much more effective and powerful antioxidant. Once the Ionized Antioxidant in the form of Hydroxyl Ions (oxygen molecule with an extra electron) donates its extra electrons to free radicals (oxygen molecule that is missing one electron) you are left with lots of oxygen. "Ionized Water gives you Energy by providing your body with lots of oxygen!"
• Second, ionized/alkaline Water balances the body's pH because of its alkalinity. Maintaining an alkaline pH (6.9-7.2) helps maintain an environment in our bodies that is NOT conducive to disease. It may take years depending on how acidic your body is, but Ionized Water, because of its alkaline properties, will flush acid waste from our bodies.
• Third, ionized/alkaline Water has a different molecular cluster size. It contains only five to six water molecules instead of the ten to thirteen that normal water molecule clusters have. It has changed from an irregular shape that is 10-13 molecule to a hexagonal regular shape that is half the size. This smaller or "reduced" water is able to hydrate better than conventional water. There are two consequences of the smaller cluster size: 1) Ionized Water hydrates better than conventional water and, second, it is better at detoxifying the body.
• It also ionizes the minerals in food and improves their absorption rate into the body. Water produces by water ionizers has a higher oxygen content than ordinary tap water. This can be seen by the cloud of tiny bubbles in the water after going
through the ionization process. This oxygen rich water increases the oxygen content in the blood which benefits exercising and all types of physical exertion.


Vitalizer Plus
Cost: $497 (uses $75 mineral packets every 6 months - does not purify water)
Processes: in the Vitalizer Plus, a highly powerful vortex, electromagnetic fields and ceramic materials emitting FIR energy emulate the natural phenomena which create healthy water in nature. The end result is a super wetting, hexagonal structure carrying extra oxygen, energy and selected ionic minerals deep into the cellular environment in seconds.
Claims: Super cellular hydration and overall body revitalization, Increased Oxygenation at the cellular level, Enhanced endurance and reduced recovery time from strenuous exercise, Electron-rich free-radical neutralizaton and cleansing, Slightly alkaline pH, Activation of enzymes, immune system support and greater metabolic balance, Better nutrient absorption. Small hexagonal water clusters fit into and through the hexagonal channels in cell membranes and inside the cell, swiftly delivering their goods (nutrients) and removing wastes.


hiOsilver Oxygen Water or O2Cool Oxygen Water (can or bottle)
Cost: $14.50 per gallon
Processes: IMAGINE . . . a natural artesian spring water bottled with 8 times the normal amount of oxygen. pH of 8.4, naturally alkaline
Claims: For extra energy and vitality: For fresh breath, healthier gums and teeth. We do not know all of the benefits of drinking hiOsilver Oxygen Water.  Many people report that they feel energized after a bottle. Studies have been done showing enhanced sports performance for athletes drinking oxygenated water. With hiOsilver, many people report that their headaches disappear, even migraine headaches. One bottle of hiOsilver Oxygen Water and you will see why we are proud of the many benefits it offers over ordinary bottled waters . . .


Watt-Ahh Ultra Pure Water Hydro-Fortified for Energy! (bottled water)
Cost: $14.00 per gallon + shipping
Processes: Watt-Ahh is new water based on a new patent pending process that reforms and polarizes it the way nature intended. Since water is the liquid the body uses to dissolve and transport foods, vitamins, nutrients, and medicines, it is essential to energize this vital fluid in order for the body to function properly and to heal itself. As a result, we have discovered a novel method of polarizing water by a technology known as magnetohydrodynamics. Although this is a relatively new technology, nature has been doing it for thousands of years. When water evaporates from the earth, it rises through a powerful magnetic field that induces a charge. Lightning is the discharge of this stored energy. As rain drops fall back to earth, a small amount of energy remains which cleans our air, neutralizes pollution, and has enough energy left to make our lawns greener, healthier, and grow three times faster than they would with ordinary water. Even the slightest polarization of water, as evidenced by the rain, is extremely beneficial in nature.
Claims: Did you know that spraying Watt-ahh immediately on ant bites will dissipate the injected ammonia and alleviate pain? Not only does Watt-ahh refresh and hydrate when enjoyed as a premium drinking water, skin also becomes hydrated when soaked in Watt-ahh to promote repair from abrasions, cuts and minor burns.  Watt-AhhTis polarized water designed to stimulate our metabolism and other beneficial biological activity at the cellular level. Simply stated, Watt-Ahh allows more efficient absorption of nutrients to keep you healthy, energized, and minimize the aging process. Our intent was to utilize modern science to restructure the water molecule to neutralize free radicals, penetrate cellular walls washing away toxic byproducts, and allow the body to heal itself the way nature intended. As most people know, the FDA must approve any claims made by a product regarding health. This requires years and millions of dollars to be invested before the product can be marketed to those who need it most. As a result of these regulations, we make no claims regarding Watt-Ahh. Instead, we supply you with testimonials from real people, scientific information in a language that you'll understand, and historical facts that you'll appreciate, so you can make your own decision about what's good for you.


super oxygenating water cooler system (water cooler)
Cost: $??
Processes: O2 Technologies has succeeded in integrating the miniature oxygen generator with the household water cooler mechanism, resulting in a super oxygenating water cooler system contained in single body. This patented system increases the dissolved oxygen level in the drinking water, which is normally 7 PPM (Parts Per Million), up to 45 PPM at the maximum - an increase of over 600%! As a comparison, oxygen-rich mountain streams can have up to 15 PPM.
Claims: - Extra supply of oxygen to the body for overall health improvement
- Enhancement of the brain function for clearer thinking and alertness
- More oxygen to the muscle to increase energy and performance
- More oxygen to skin cells for healthier, younger looking skin
- Enhanced metabolism and waste removal
- Enhancement of the body's ability to fight bacteria and viruses
- Better absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients


aenO fresh alkaline energy oxygenated water - or here (bottled water)
Cost: $??
Processes: Stabilized Alkaline ENergized with bio-available Oxygen in bottled water is a breakthrough in drinking water enhancement that will set a new standard in the bottle water industry. aenO Fresh water is the product of a revolutionary new 15 STAGE PROCESS that creates stabilized, Alkaline ENergized Oxygenated water. At aenO Fresh, we transformed the H2O water to energy water by (FIR) Far Infrared energy emission media and further ionize the water by a state of the art Platinum-Titanium electrolytic cell. This water is finally enhanced with oxygen content by creating molecular bonds between added oxygen and structured water which can be absorbed through the digestive system and to the blood stream, (US Patent: 6,530,895.B1). This is why we call it “Stabilized Alkaline ENergized Bio-Available Oxygen” drinking water.
Claims: Stimulate Brain Activity Increase Memory Capacity, Boost Concentration, Develop Stronger Alertness, Raise Energy Levels, Improve Strength, Build Endurance, Detoxify Blood, Reduce Stress, Calm anxiety, Alleviate Tension Headaches, Remedy Irregular Sleeping Patterns, Help With Cardiovascular Activity, Prevent Lactic Acid Build Up, Strengthen the immune system, Revitalizes the Skin, Greater ability for the body to detoxify, Improve normal cell growth, Facilitation of excreation of toxic and digestion function, Neutralize free radical inside the body to oxygen for energy and tissue oxygenation, Detoxification of acid waste from cells and tissues, Improved oxygen utilization disorder and cellular hypoxya, Facilities metabolism and oxygen and nutrient transport, Elevation of cellular energy increased physical and psychological ability, Regulation of blood pressure through chemo receptors in the carotid and aortic bodies, Increased numbers of blood cells, Antibacterial and antiviral effect, Intestinal mucosal improvement, Neutralization of excess stomach acid.


ABC Homeopathy
Cost: Varies by type of remedy, potency, and amount ordered.
Homeopathy is based on  the Law of Similars or "like cures like". In practice, to treat a specific set of symptoms, homeopathic products typically employ a very dilute solution of substances that are believed to actually cause the symptoms in higher concentrations. Through a process of serial dilutions and successions (vigorous shaking), the original harmful substances are thought to alter the characteristics of the final diluted solution so it has a beneficial effect on the body.
Claims: Homeopathic remedies (also called homeopathics) are a system of medicine based on three principles:
Like cures like - For example, if the symptoms of your cold are similar to poisoning by mercury, then mercury would be your homeopathic remedy.
Minimal Dose - The remedy is taken in an extremely dilute form; normally one part of the remedy to around 1,000,000,000,000 parts of water.
The Single Remedy - No matter how many symptoms are experienced, only one remedy is taken, and that remedy will be aimed at all those symptoms.


blingh20 - not just a pretty taste (bottled water)
Cost: $10 - $40 or more - NOT per gallon but per bottle - that's roughly $40 to $160 per gallon!
This bottled water product is included, not because of any health claims made, but simply because of the outrageous excess of the product and the advertising.
Processes: Blingh20 is purified spring water.
Claims: In Hollywood it seemed as if people flaunted their bottled water like it was part of their presentation.  Whether the bottles had a cool shape or came from an exotic island, none truly made that defining statement.  Bling H2O was fashioned to make that defining statement.  Our mission is to offer a product with an exquisite face to match our exquisite taste.  Our product is strategically positioned to target the expanding super-luxury consumer market Related article

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