How To Compare Mandala Water
To Commercial Enhanced Water

It might be difficult to believe that a free Water Mandala can have exactly the same effect on your drinking water and produce the same benefits as commercial enhanced bottled water or treatment processes that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. **

It is not only true, but you can prove that fact with the test described below.
(Instructions in a printer friendly pdf file)

The test to compare effects of the Water Mandala to any of the enhanced water products is simple in principle, but it will require some time, careful note taking, and recruitment of a partner to complete successfully. The basic steps include:

1) identify expected health benefits
2) develop a schedule for drinking the water
3) partner prepares blinded water samples
4) drink water samples on schedule

5) record perceived health effects
6) repeat steps 3-5 for several weeks
7) summarize the results
8) unblind the samples & analyze the results

You might ask, "Why are there so many steps, and why does a simple test seem so complicated?  All I needs to do is drink my commercial enhanced water, see how I feel, and then drink Mandala Water and see if I feel better or worse - right?"


Before you begin the test you will need to find someone who will prepare the water samples of the commercial enhanced water and the Mandala Water you will drink during the test period.  This person will need to be available at the times you plan to drink the water samples, or the water samples must be prepared for later use every day as described in step three.

The First Step is to figure out and write down the health, mental, and emotional benefits you either feel you are experiencing if you are currently using an enhanced water product, or that you would hope to see if you are planning to try enhanced water for the first time.  If you are unable to identify some specific benefit(s) from drinking the enhanced water that you can actually measure in some way, it's rather pointless to spend all that money on the product.  Also, you must be able to define and measure some specific effects of the enhanced commercial water to compare it against Mandala Water.

Try to be fairly specific and not write down something vague like "the XYZ vibrationally charged clustered water will make me feel better".  Write down measurement goals and several specific expectations like the examples below:
>> "My normal energy level, on a scale of 1-10, is 6."
<< "I will record my energy level on a scale of 1-10 before and at 30 minutes, 1 hour, and two hours after drinking enhanced
       water."  I expect a higher energy level.
>> "It normally takes me two hours to fully wake up in the morning, and I am groggy and grumpy until then.
<< "I will record my energy level as soon as I wake up then drink a glass of enhanced water and record my  alertness
       and grump levels on scales of 1-10 at 30 minutes, 1 hour, and two hours after drinking the enhanced water." 
       I expect to feel better and wake up more quickly than normal
>> "After a drink it normally it takes about 20 minutes to feel like I am hydrated and I feel thirsty again two hours after
       drinking regular water."
<< "I will make a note of my hydration level before drinking and how long it takes to feel hydrated after drinking the
       enhanced water and how long it takes to feel thirsty again."  I expect that I will feel hydrated more quickly and it will
       take longer to feel thirsty.
>> "My back pain is normally 7 on a scale of 1-10 when drinking ordinary water."
<< "I will record the level of my back pain on a scale of 1-10 before, and then at 15, 30, 60, and 120 minutes after drinking
       enhanced water."  I expect my pain level to decrease to an average of 5.
>> "I normally run one mile in 5.75 minutes and bench press 200 pounds drinking ordinary water."
<< "I will drink enhanced water before running or lifting and record my time and maximum weight."  I expect to be able to
        run a faster mile and lift a heavier weight.
>> "The normal pH of my urine is around 6.0 and my saliva around 6.5, but the pH varies somewhat during the day"
<< "I will drink alkaline water or Mandala water, test and record the pH of my saliva before, and then at 5, 15, 30, and 60
        minutes after drinking the enhanced water.  Urine pH will be tested in the morning before drinking enhanced water
        then  throughout the day after drinking the test water."  I expect my pH levels to be more constant and be more

The Second Step is to set up a daily schedule that outlines when you plan to drink the water samples.  An easy schedule would be to drink 16oz. of water when you wake up, another 16oz. before lunch, and a final 16oz. before dinner.  Obviously the volumes can be different depending on the amount of water you normally drink during a day.  Your specific schedule will depend, in part, on the what you are trying to measure as defined in step 1 and can vary somewhat from day to day, although the analysis will be easier with a fairly consistent routine.

The Third Step is the key to the entire test.  You are NOT TO KNOW whether you are drinking the commercial enhanced water or Mandala Water at any time during the test. 
   Initial Preparations:
> a. You will need to find a supply of enhanced water to test - if the enhanced water is sold in bottles, purchase enough to
    complete the test.  If you are testing water from a commercial water enhancement device, you can use water from your
    own water device (if you have one), find someone with an enhancement device you can borrow (perhaps the person trying
    to talk you into buying a system)
, or purchase one that has a GOOD money-back guarantee.
> b. You must then ensure that the enhanced water tastes and smells nearly the same as the water that will be exposed to
    the Mandala.  Using highly chlorinated tap water with the Water Mandala would probably enable you to tell the difference
    between it and a bottle of purified enhanced water by smell alone - and ruin the test.  If you can easily identify unfiltered
    tap water,  you can use filtered or distilled tap water or bottled water to expose the Water Mandala to for the test.
> c.  Your partner will set up a treatment schedule based on your drinking schedule from step 1 that determines which
     water (commercial enhanced or Mandala Water)  you will drink on which days.  Since it can be argued that it takes
     several days for enhanced water to have an effect, it would probably be a good idea to use one kind of water for 4-6 days
     and  then switch to the other kind of water.  You will not know which kind of water you drink first or on which day you will
     switch to the other water.   It is critical to the validity of the test that you do not know which type of water you are
     drinking on any given day.
> d. Prepare as many sealable reusable water containers as you plan to use during a day.  If you are testing enhanced
    bottled water, drink a half dozen or so and save the bottles and lids in as near-new condition as possible.
   During The Test:
> e. Every day during the test before you drink any water your partner will prepare the water samples you will drink
    throughout the day according to the treatment schedule that was developed in step 3c.  You can not be present when the
    samples are prepared
, and your partner should put them on a counter or in the refrigerator and leave the room before
     you pick up the samples - sounds paranoid, granted, but body language has been known to unblind samples. 
>>  If you are testing a water enhancement device, your partner will simply fill and close the water containers for the day
       with either the commercial enhanced water (prepared according to the manufacturer's instructions) or the Mandala
       Water  (using the instructions on this site).  Depending on how long the effects of the commercial enhanced water are
       supposed to last, you may need to prepare samples throughout the day to avoid the manufacturer sayingsomething
       like - "of course you  did not find any differences, you must drink our water within 5 minutes of preparing it." The effects
       of Mandala Water will easily last through the day.  If the test is on a vortex oxygenator or device that adds a gas to the
       water you partner will need to vigorously shake the Mandala Water to add some bubbles before sealing.
>>  If you are testing enhanced bottled water there are some technical problems.  Your partner must prepare the water in
       the  bottles in such a manner that you can not tell which type of water you are drinking by looking at the bottle.  It would
       be best to use unmarked water containers the same way you would if  you were testing a water enhancement device.
       However, if no difference was discovered between the Mandala Water and the enhanced bottled water, the argument
       could be made that poring the enhanced water into another bottle messed up the structure or energy patterns.  One way
       to counter that argument is when preparing the enhanced bottle water samples, unscrew the cap of the new bottles just
       enough to crack the plastic seal then screw it back down.  When preparing the Mandala Water simply pour it into one
       of the used bottles you saved and screw the lid on.  Try to either keep the used bottles looking new or make the new
       bottles look used so it is not possible to distinguish between them by looking. 
>>  If you are testing a homeopathic solution your partner will need prepare a treatment dose according to the product
       instructions or prepare the same amount of water as would be used in the homeopathic treatment and place it on the
       Mandala.  Homeopathic remedies can be purchased in different dilutions.  Placing the water on the Mandala for about 30
       seconds will produce the effects of a 5X dilution.  Effects of the strongest homeopathic dilution will be duplicated by
       longer exposure to the Water Mandala up to about 2 minutes.  Some homeopathic products are diluted with an alcohol
       solution.  If that is the case, and if the prepared homeopathic solution tastes of alcohol, your partner will need to add a
       few drops of  rum, bourbon, or other liquor that has the same taste.

The Forth - Sixth Steps are to drink the water according to your schedule and keep a journal to document the results of drinking each water sample.  Write down the date and time of every drink and then "check in with yourself" according to the schedule you established in step 2 and record the date/time and whatever measurement(s) you determined to track and document in step 1.  In addition to notes on the measurements you are scheduled to record, also record any "out of the ordinary" events you think might be related to drinking a specific water sample.  As you drink the water during the test, focus on the benefits you expect from drinking the enhanced water and do not worry about or try to guess which type of water you are drinking - Mandala Water or Commercial enhanced water.

Step Seven - the test is over.  You can now summarize the results of the test.  One way to do this is to make a grid with the days and water samples across the top and health benefit(s) you tested down the left side.  For each day use your notes to rate how each water sample performed according to the effects you were measuring - for example testing energy levels before and after drinking the XYZ vibrationally charged clustered water or Mandala Water three times a day for 6 days might look something like:
A fictitious example table reporting results of a blinded trial between Mandala Water and a vibrationally charged clustered water product.

Step Eight - the moment everyone has been waiting for has arrived - the test results can be unblinded.  Once the blinding schedule is matched to the results you prepared you will be able to get an idea of whether there was any difference between the commercial enhanced water and the Mandala Water.  In this example test it was revealed that the water samples for days 1-3 were XYZ Vibrationally Charged Water and on days 4-6 the samples were Mandala Water.

After identifying the days that you drank the different types of water you can do some basic analyses.  In the table below the average energy level of each type of water has been calculated.  If the values are similar in the two groups and there is no evident trend you can conclude that there are probably no differences in the way the two types of water effect your body.  This specific example table shows the type of pattern you might expect if one type of water perform better than the other - in this example the Mandala Water seemed to produce a higher energy level than the XYZ Vibrationally Charged Water.  The actual  expectation is that there will be no noticeable difference between Mandala Water and the enhanced water product you test.
A fictitious example table reporting results of a blinded trial between Mandala Water and a vibrationally charged clustered water product that has been unblinded after the experimental trial.
This is a fairly basic example of the type of tests that are routinely conducted to determine whether a new drug is effective or not.  In these tests (or clinical trials) the object is to determine either how the new drug compares with an older drug that is already proven effective or whether it is more effective than an inactive substance (the "sugar pill" or placebo).  In a well designed clinical trial many people are enrolled in the study, because individual responses to a given treatment can vary greatly.  Also some people may experience harmful side effects while others experience only benefits.  The more people that participate the better the effects (beneficial and harmful) can be understood.

It is important to realize that results from a single test with a single individual can not be considered conclusive, regardless of the outcome.  If you were to drink blinded water samples, record results for 10 days, and discovered a pattern like the one shown above, for example, there is a possibility that the results could be from chance alone - just as there is a small chance of flipping 10 heads or 10 tails in a row or pulling all 4 kings out of a shuffled deck of cards in 4 tries.  Controlling for chance outcomes is another reason that clinical trials on medical products include many people - some participants will get better by chance, some will get worse by chance.  If enough people participate all of the individual chance results tend to average out and any true benefits or harmful effects can be determined.

(Instructions in a printer friendly pdf file)

This type of experiment using several subjects would be a great science fair project.

Please send a description of your experiment (methods and results) to:
Submissions will be reviewed and those that are well written and follow the above process will be posted.



Why does a simple test have so many steps?

The bottom line is that Expectation Influences Perception and Creates Reality:
The mind is a powerful entity, and a person's expectations can influence (or bias) how they experience a situation.

A chemistry professor told a story to his introductory classes to illustrate this concept and show why it is so important to carefully blind all participants in a test or trial between two products.  During graduate school, he and his roommate planned a big party and wanted to provide a "special" beverage.  As graduate chemistry students they had access to a modest supply of pure Ethyl Alcohol from the lab.  It virtually identical to Everclear (available in liquor stores), but to students there was considerable mystique surrounding the smuggling of reagent grade alcohol out of the lab.  They planned to spike the punch with the 200 proof alcohol.  During the party they made a point of bragging to the guests about how they were able to acquire the alcohol and create a potent brew.  The party was a rousing success, everyone had a great time, several people became seriously intoxicated and obnoxious, and one guest got sick.  After everyone had left, the hosts discovered that they forgot to add the alcohol to the punch.  Everyone at the party had happily acted out their expectations of how the punch, as described to them, should make them feel and act - even to the point of getting sick.

The rather involved steps outlined above are designed to reduce bias in the test.  If the subjects involved in testing products (in this case you) have any knowledge of which test substance they are using, the way they report how they feel can easily be biased by their expectation of what they think should (or hope will) happen.  If you regularly paid $1.75 for 16 oz. of water that claimed to energize you (or purchased a $4,000 machine that produced water that claimed to hydrate you better), you would probably have fairly strong expectations about how that product should make you feel.  Those expectations might even creep into your thoughts about how the expensive product would (or should) compare to one that that you could download for free (everyone has heard the expression, "you get what you pay for").  If you were to test the unblinded products, your subconscious expectations would almost certainly influence your perception of how the products performed regardless of how unbiased you tried to be. 

A blinded study conducted by a group from MIT in 2008 discovered that product cost was a significant factor in the perception of the product's effectiveness.  Volunteers were given a series of electric shocks and asked to rate their pain levels at different voltage settings.  They were then provided with identical information about a new pain treatment pill. Participants were randomly assigned to two groups.  One group was told the regular price of the pill was $2.50 and the other group was told they would take a pill that was discounted to $0.10.  Participants in both groups took the pills and were again exposed to electric shocks and asked to rate their pain levels.

85.4% of the participants who took the $2.50 pill experienced an average reduction in pain.
61.0% of the participants who took the discounted $0.10 pill experienced an average reduction in pain.
The pills in each group were identical.

Expectation Influences Perception and Creates Reality

So, for maximum benefits during the test period, focus on the high cost of the commercial enhanced water product and the $29.95 regular cost of the Water Mandala after the free introductory period.

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